Gia Forakis has been invited to lead three OTOA Workshops
in Athens, Greece as part of the 8th Annual International Festival of Making Theater
JUNE 25 - JULY 1st, 2012
Theater of Changes - Athens, Greece
The International Festival of Making Theater brings together actors, directors, drama/acting students, choreographers, singers, acting, voice and movement teachers to attend the workshops of the festival.
Prior festivals have brought together teachers and participants from the following countries:
Chile, Italy, Australia, Turkey, Sweden, U.S.A., Egypt, Mexico, Canada, Greece, United Kingdom, Estonia, Colombia, Belgium, Argentina, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Ireland, New Zealand, Romania, France, Russia, Israel, Netherlands, Slovakia, Iceland, Iran, Palestine, Finland, Latvia, Germany, Croatia, Portugal, Serbia, Peru, Iraq, Austria, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia.
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