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For Creative Thinkers in Every Field

     OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)™

Workshop Series

  You do not need to be an artist to benefit from a Creative Life Practice.

OTOA CLP Offers the Practice & Principles

for Creative & Personal Growth, Transformation & Actualization.

For creative thinkers in any field.

"We are the process. Life is not happening to us"

- Marlee F. Koenigsberg, CLP Participant


What is the OTOA CLP Workshop Series?

The Workshop Series is led by OTOA Founder & Master Teacher, Gia Forakis.

Each class is uniquely designed to investigate on one of

OTOA CLP's 6 Aspects for Creative Influence:

the creative tools for leading a more connected and fulling life practice.


What is the goal of the OTOA CLP Workshop Series?

The aim of the series is to reveal the strengths and insights

found in each one of CLP's 6 Aspects for Creative Influence

while guiding participants to consider how to enrich their own creative life practice.

What do the Workshops consist of?

Workshops consist of a combination of individual and group exercise

including: writing, creative inquiry, craft projects, ritual and dialogue, all grounded in the principles

of the One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA) technique for incremental thought and action.

Is there any preparation for a workshop?

Prior to each workshop, registered participants will be sent an information email, outlining what materials to bring, how to prepare, directions, contact information and a creative Pre-Class Assignment.

Pre-Class Assignments are creative exercises designed to focus on the topic of each workshop, and may include a task or activity such as: reading, writing, photography, contemplation, or documentation ... before attending the workshop.

Pre-Class Assignments are meant to be an enjoyable avenue for creative expression and self-learning, that brings context, content and a shared experience to the dialogue within the group, and the learning process. 

It is advised to set aside approximately 30-60 minutes for each Pre-Class Assignment for each workshop. 

What do I need to know about in-class participation? 

Class participation includes individual and group exercises and observation. Exercises are followed by class discussion and exchange. Some physical movement may be encouraged, but nothing strenuous or beyond the capacity of the participant’s abilities or level of comfort.

There will be one 15 minute break during each class. Participants are encouraged to bring their own beverages or snacks, so that they can make the most out of their break time.


Class Size
Class size is limited to create a creative environment 
that supports personal attention, while encouraging 
group participation.


All workshops are held on

Saturdays & Sundays

   From 1:00 - 5:30pm

2018 Spring Schedule
Over three consecutive weekends in April,
Gia will lead a series of 6 individual workshops.
Participants can register for as many workshops as they like
Registration is necessary.
*Registration Deadlines are Listed Below*

Saturday, April 14
*Registration Deadline 4/11*

Observation / Receptivity


The focus of this class is to build and strengthen an awareness of Inner & Collective Intelligence

by focusing on the qualities of individual alertness, re-consideration of belief systems,

and re-invigorating encounters with abundance.

How we observe and receive the world has a direct impact on defining the world we experience.

Sunday, April 15
*Registration Deadline 4/11*

Quest / Vision


It's through the caliber of our questions, followed by the dedication of our inquiry, that we chart our path through life. The focus of this class is to investigate how to more productively harness the tools

for creative manifestation, for untangling obstacles, and for achieving our goals and visions.

"The Journey is where I'm going."

Saturday, April 21
*Registration Deadline 4/18*

Technique / Discipline


It's one thing to pursue your career. It's another to create your life. But which comes first, Technique or Discipline? Discipline or Technique? This class will take a deeper look at our relationships and associations with Discipline and Technique, how they inform one another, how we can make better use of them,
and how to find a holistic and productive creative process that enriches a cohesive life practice. 

Sunday, April 22
*Registration Deadline 4/18*

Time / Space


This investigation is intended to encourage a new awareness of temporal and spatial reality
where time and space are mediums that we craft and create.  How can we use them to our best purpose? We will consider how the principles of One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA) offer more clarity and satisfaction to our projects, relationships, work, and the world we inhabit, as well as explore the inherent irony
that by slowing down we actually become better equipped to go further, farther, faster.

Saturday, April 28
Registration Deadline 4/25

Nature / Purpose

Just what you were looking for: 


Connection is the creative core of any creative practice. Connection with both our individual and inherent nature, and connection with something greater than ourselves: our purpose.  From this type of connection, harmony, fulfillment and prosperity can find their ways for supporting us. This class investigates the route towards connecting with our primary core truth, our Nature/Purpose, and our organizing principles
for achievement, recognition, remuneration and other measures of success.

Sunday, April 29
*Registration Deadline 4/25*
Gratitude / Generosity
This single Aspect of Creative Influence is one of the most readily available tools we have for manifesting growth, change and transformation in all areas of our lives: personally, professionally and creatively. In this class we will explore our complicated relationships to Gratitude / Generosity, and look at various ways we can expand our capacity for abundance, healing, and bringing about positive change...
one thought, one action at a time. 

Brooklyn: South-West Park Slope
Ocean Parkway
between Church & Beverly
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Near F, G, & Q Trains
OTOA Founder, Master Teacher & Creative Life Practice Coach

"Gia made it all clear. After just a few hours I began to see that my random collection of notes and observations 

weren't a mess, but a path on which I could reach my goals. I started the CLP workshop with questions 

and left empowered to effect change and with the tools to do so."

~ Sharahn LaRue, Artist & Educator, Brooklyn, NY

 Suggested Donation
$20 per class


Registration is Required

Registration Instructions Below


How to Register:

Registration is Required 



To be certain that space is still available...

Please Contact 

Darya Gauthier, OTOA Managing Director 



In your email please include the following:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Snail-Mail Address (optional)
  • The DATE(s) + TITLE(s) of WORKSHOP(s) that you would like to attend
  • How You Heard About OTOA
  • A Few Words About Yourself
  • What Interests You About the Class You Are Registering For?
  • Please include "OTOA" in Subject of your email



After we receive your email with registration information  (as outlined above) we will let you know if space is available within 24 hours



If you have any questions please contact us at
PLEASE INCLUDE "OTOA" in Subject of your email


Cancellation Policy
Please bear in mind that this event has 
We ask that if you must cancel, after you have already registered, that you kindly contact us as soon as possible to alert us of your change in plans so that Gia does not prepare 
materials for you, and so that others may have 
the opportunity to take your spot.

~We thank you very much for your cooperation~

CLP Participants
Some details to be aware of:
  • The workshop is designed for your full availability through the entire schedule as posted.
  • Please respect the nature of the group environment by making every effort to arrive on time and turn off all mobile devices.
  • A Creative Pre-Class Assignment will be sent to each registered participant prior to each class.
  • We recommend setting aside 30 - 60 minutes for assignments.
  • Each seminar includes one 15min break. You are welcome to bring a lite snack.

"I look forward to working together to bring creative transformation to your practice, projects and goals, while helping to manifest your visions for the future, personally, professionally, holistically."

~Gia Forakis
OTOA Founder, Master Teacher & CLP Coach 

OTOA Creative Life Practice, Mandala © 2017

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OTOA Creative Life Practice
Private Coaching
- Skype or FaceTime Sessions-
with OTOA CLP Founder & Creative Life Coach
Gia Forakis

If you are not free to join us for one of the OTOA CLP Workshops, you may want to consider OTOA CLP Private Coaching. Other motivations for CLP Coaching include: a desire to go further in developing your own creative life practice; a more individualized focus to address specific topics or private concerns; a focused investigation of a professional roadblock or obstacles within a single project or set of circumstances; support for comprehensive change in more than one area of your life -- These are all good ways to make use of Private CLP Coaching. OTOA Creative Life Practice Coaching can be tailored to address your, needs, goals, schedule and budget.


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