With OTOA Founder, Master Teacher & CLP Coach, Gia Forakis

You do not need to be an artist to benefit from a Creative Life Practice

As an OTOA Creative Life Coach, I am able to offer a more individually tailored approach to personal growth and transformation than found in OTOA CLP workshops and seminars.

OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)™ offers exceptional and practical benefits for Creative Thinkers in Every Field & Any Discipline.
As a Creative Life Coach I am ready to assist you in where you would like to manifest change in your professional or personal or creative life, and to address it cohesively and comprehensively using the well established principles of OTOA and the tools of CLP.

OTOA Creative Life Coaching is built upon CLP's 6 Aspects for Creative Influence, enabling me to assist clients in addressing their concerns and goals, while introducing a life-long approach for forging a clear path through challenges, untangling obstacles, and reinvigorating a sense of creative abundance for both artist and non-artists alike.

OTOA CLP Coaching offers care, context, attention, and encouragement for a                                                                           more unified sense of self.

                                                                       I am not a therapist. I am teacher. I am the coach in your corner.

                                                                                        ~Gia Forakis, OTOA Founder, Master Teacher & Creative Life Coach


The Aim of
OTOA Creative Life Practice
Private Coaching
is to give you the tools to

-Clarifying your goals & sense of purpose

-Reinvigorating your capacity for possibility

-Strengthening your encounters with creative abundance

-Assisting in professional and personal growth & transformation

Private Coaching Sessions Are Beneficial For:
  • Untangling a Specific Issue(s)
  • Addressing Complications Within a Current Project
  • Working Through Life Changing Circumstances
  • Need or Desire to Effect Comprehensive Changes (on large, small or intimate scale).
  • Designing and Achieving a Project or Goal
  • Reinvigorating Your (Creative) Spirit
  • Connecting to a Sense of Purpose
  • Addressing "The Artist" Apart From Your "Career"
  • Preparing / Testing New Material/Ideas
  • Revamping The Creative/Life Vision
  • Strengthening Technique
  • Building Craft

WHAT IS OTOA Creative Life Practice

    OTOA CLP Private Coaching is a safe, private and productive environment for comprehensive dialogue designed to foster a healthy and cohesive sense of being; It is a space and time dedicated to: reassessing and revamping personal and professional goals, uncovering untapped strengths, identifying and untangling issues undermining your path forward, articulating a personal work/life vision, establishing  achievable goals, and fostering a creative life practice with exercises tailored to suit individual needs.

    OTOA CLP Private Coaching is time and space to support your best self, and find the tools for more joy and fulfillment in all you do.


    Gia is also available to guide you through your next project or presentation as an ON-SITE silent, supportive observer, that is ideal for leaders, managers, directors, public speakers, producers, directors... etc.

    All silent 
ON-SITE observation sessions are followed by a private one-on-one coaching session.

    ON-SITE Observation & Coaching is beneficial for (but is not limited to) assisting in strengthening communication and connection with a team, inspiring productivity, building group engagement and confidence, strengthening vision, addressing vocal and physical execution, encouraging a more fluid sense of resolve and mental freedom, enrichment of content, and the development of a clearer practice, structure & execution through achievable goals.


    As OTOA Founder, Master Teacher & Theater Artist, I am also available to guide you in a private session using the OTOA Performance Technique, to bring clarity, specificity, confidence to the stage, by preparing you for your next audition or supporting you throughout a project, production, presentation, film shoot...etc. Private sessions can address a variety of (targeted) areas or scenarios (including as a silent observer on the set or rehearsal room). For more information on the OTOA Performance Technique & Training CLICK HERE.


Preferred Hours M-F: 9am - 7pm*

Prospect Park South -West
Ocean Parkway
Between Church & Beverly
Preferred Hours M-F: 9am - 7pm*

*Weekend Dates are available on an case by case basis

First Time Session 2 Hour Minimum = $75
All Subsequent Sessions = $50 per hour
$25 for each additional half hour

Pricing can be tailored to your needs and budget. We can design a session, or series of sessions, and a pricing plan that works for your budget.
To schedule a private coaching session

Please add "Coaching"
to the Subject Header of your email.



"It was as though Gia opened wide those big beautiful french windows for me!" ~ Nina ostrovsky

"In our invaluable weekly coaching sessions, Gia skillfully supports me while simultaneously pushing me to take Paul Bunyan-sized steps. As I work with Gia and learn the OTOA principles, my studio becomes an ever more fertile, dynamic environment." ~Lexi Perlmutter, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Artist, Coffee Drinker, San Francisco, CA

"Working with Gia in our CLP private coaching sessions has truly been a gift.  It has helped me to find a new perspective on a situation that was holding me back in all areas of my life. My new found freedom creates gratitude in my daily practice.~ S. Friedland, Brooklyn, NY

"Gia is an exceptional listener, absorbing and reflecting back the broader aspects and context of any topic. She has helped me to untangle the details of  specific projects as well as guided my own personal growth in a wide range of areas. She brings encouragement and compassion to all our private sessions. " ~ R. Shirley, Brooklyn, NY

 OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)™

Origins OTOA Creative Life Practice
with Gia Forakis & Jacob Kyle*

(*Founder Embodied Philosophy)

Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel a scheduled session
please do us the courtesy of alerting Ms. Forakis
24 hours in advance.