Benefiting Performers, Directors, Playwrights, Public Speakers 

OTOA Performance Technique & Training
The Studio-Lab Sessions

~ Fall 2017 Registration Page ~


The OTOA Performance Technique & Training (PTT)™ Studio-Lab Sessions

are designed as OTOA practicums benefiting

performers, directors, singers, collaborators, theater makers,
& public speakers,

led by OTOA Founder, Master Teacher and Theater Artist, Gia Forakis.

Studio-Labs offer an environment for experimentation and shared learning where

participants bring in their own material, at any stage of development.

Material may include, but is not limited to: new scripts, monologues, projects in development, scenes, choreography, audition material, solo work, performance art, songs, etc.

Material should not be between 3-7 minutes in length.

Studio Labs present participants with

a deeper understanding of the One-Thought-One-Action technique,

through application and observation within a safe and supportive lab atmosphere

and the camaraderie of other artists.

To support individualized OTOA-based guidance and instruction

Lab Sessions are restricted to 3 people or collaborative teams.

Our goal is to create a unique experimental and educational forum for valuable inquiry

outside of the constrictions and limitations of most production and/or rehearsal schedules.

OTOA PTT Studio-Labs benefit the artist, the material, and the development process

creating a win, win, win combination!


The 2017 Fall Season

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 12:00 - 5:00pm*


SATURDAY OCTOBER 28, 12:00 – 5:00pm*

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18, 12:00 - 5:00pm*

*All Studio-Lab Sessions will be held at our Brooklyn, NY Location


Important Note
Because of the nature of these lab sessions, only 3 participants
(or 3 collaborative teams) will be accepted per session



$40 Per Session, Per Person

$20 per person for teams of 2 

$15 per person for teams of 3 or more


Registration is Required 

Registration begins August 25


How to Register


To be certain that space is still available...

Please Contact

OTOA Managing Director

Darya Gauthier 


In your email please include the following:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Snail-Mail Address (optional)
  • Which Session Date(s)You'd Like to Attend
  • How You Heard About OTOA
  • A Few Words About Yourself (or your team)
  • Your interest in the OTOA Studio-Lab:
    • Your Project/Material
    • Your Goals for the Lab Session
  • Please include "OTOA" in Subject of your email


After we have received your registration email information  (as outlined above) you will be instructed to make your payment to reserve your spot.

See Payment Instructions Below


Some Details To Be Aware Of:

  • The workshop is designed for your full availability through the entire schedule as posted.
  • Please respect the nature of the group environment by making every effort to arrive on time and turn off all mobile devices.
  • Please bring a hard copy of any text you are working with, to the session, OR send a digital copy 3-4-days prior to the date of session, for Gia to work from.
  • Please include "OTOA" in Subject of any email

Before you make any payment
Please be sure you have first followed all steps
Outlined above under
"How To Register"

Advance payment secures your spot.
Payments can be made in two ways.

#1.) By Personal Check
Made Out To:

Mailed To:
233 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11218

#2.) Or through PAY PAL
See Link Below.

A Transaction Fee is added to payments
processed through PayPal. We have nothing to do with the calculation of these fees. They are set by PayPal.  To avoid Transaction Fee see instructions above
for payment by Personal Check.

Please Check Back at that time for our
online PayPal options.

$40 Per Class, Per Person

$20 per person for teams of 2 

$15 per person for teams of 3 or more

Brooklyn Location/South-West Park Slope
between Church & Beverly
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Near F, G, & Q Trains


Class Size
We will be Limiting Class Size to 3 participants (or 3 collaborative teams) to create an environment that supports personal attention.


If you have something you would like to work on,
but you're not sure if it fits into this forum,
please feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities.

I look forward to introducing you to
OTOA PTT and working together
to enrich a project or material that
you are passionate about.

 ~Gia Forakis
OTOA Founder & Master Teacher & Theater Artist

For further information on the the
One-Thought-One-Action PTT Technique
All questions should be directed to
Darya Gautier, OTOA Managing Director
PLEASE INCLUDE "OTOA" in the Subject of your email

Cancellation Policy

Please bare in mind that this event has
we ask that if you must cancel,
after you have already registered that you kindly observe our Cancellation Policy.

will be given to cancellations made 2 full weeks before the first day of the intended workshop (14 days before: if the Studio-Lab you have registered for begins on a Saturday, then the last day that a FULL refund will be made will be through Friday two weeks prior).

We will not be able to offer refunds if cancellations are made less than 14 days prior to the first day of the intended Studio-Lab. Please understand that we may be unable to make any exceptions in this policy.

~We thank you very much for your cooperation.

* Please Note that refunds do not include any fees associated with payments made through PayPal. 


Out Of Town Participants

If you are coming from out of town

to participate in one of our OTOA Offerings

you may want to consider taking advantage of the special discount we have with our friend & neighborhood Airbnb Host,

whose lovely home & private bedrooms are conveniently located to our studio.

Contact us for further details:
PLEASE INCLUDE "OTOA" in the Subject of your email