Attending an OTOA Performance Technique & Training Workshop (PTT)™ offers performers a clear approach to a more specific moment- to-moment life on stage. Exercises and discussion taught in an OTOA workshop will address three major acting and performance obstacles: generalization, lack of variety and physical detachment. This ultimately brings more detail, versatility and physical vitality to the stage. Learn More

OTOA Creative Life Practice Workshops (CLP)™ are suited to Creative Thinkers Of Every Discipline. OTOA CLP offers the Practice & Principles for Content-Driven Action & The Pace of Thought. The aim of OTOA CLP is to address how we shape our lives by introducing tools that support a creative life practice, bringing us in sync with a holistic sense of self. Utilizing the principles of OTOA, CLP identifies and investigates a 6 Point System for Creative Influence and Transformation. Learn More


Private Coaching can benefit performers, directors, public speakers, teachers, and creative thinkers in all areas. OTOA offers tools for enriching any project, or untangling hidden obstacles, by identify smaller increments of thought as smaller moments of physical action. OTOA is a reliable technique for immediate and practical application for both the performance based environment or as a tool for personal and collective growth. Learn More


Design an OTOA Workshop to fit your needs, budget, and schedule. Workshops can be tailored for various disciplines and are excellent for a variety of groups, including: Your Theater or Dance Company, Public Speakers / Office Managers, Drama Classes / Dance Classes, Stage & Film Directors, Playwrights & Screenwriters, Your Current Cast / Performers, Active Projects in Development, Devised Work, Community Center . . . Learn More

OTOA helps public speakers liberate their motivations for a more detailed, engaged and dynamic presence; ultimately connecting with audiences in a more visceral way. Some of the many benefits for public speakers using OTOA include: Overcome Nervous Anxiety, Strengthen Your Ability to Think on Your Feet, Develop Skills for Public Address, Increase Self-Confidence, Speak with Composure. Learn More


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