Design an OTOA Workshop to fit your needs, budget, and schedule.

Workshops can be tailored for various disciplines and are excellent for a variety of groups, including: 

• Your Theater or Dance Company
• Performing Arts Classes
• Alternative Wellness Center
• Stage & Film Directors
• Playwrights & Screenwriters
• Your Current Cast / Performers
• Active Projects in Development
• Public Speakers / Office Managers
• Community Center / Continuing Ed.

Workshops can be designed to fit any size group, and accommodate your format & budget. A minimum of 5 participants is strongly suggested.
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"OTOA is such a tangible intuitive technique that frees [performers] to experience more
than they could have dreamed of. It is a daring refreshing challenge
                 for the actor to be in the present. It is, in fact, an [performer’s] life jacket"
       - Paige Schnell, Actor/Author


OTOA Custom Designed Workshops can be designed as an introduction to the
OTOA Performance Technique & Training (OTOA PT&T) or to the OTOA Creative Life Practice Technique (OTOA CLP).

OTOA Custom Designed Workshops offer participants intensive training and exercises in small group settings with OTOA Founder & Master Teacher Gia Forakis.

Workshop participants investigate the following
OTOA Principles & Techniques:


• How to expand your physical vocabulary
• Clarity, versatility, physical vitality and dynamics
• Specific tools for the performer preparing for a role/public speaking
• Specific tools for the director for achieving clarity on stage & screen
• Content-Driven Physical Action (CDPA)

• 6 Point System of Creative Influence & Transformation
• Clarifying Goals
• Identifying Obstacles
• Reinvigorating Potential
• Synchronizing a holistic sense of self

“It is magical when the shape leads into the next thought.” 
- Jordan Schachter, Writer/Director

Custom workshops are designed to fit your needs, including:

• Area of Study/Focus
• Size of Your Group
• Time Duration
• Location
• Goals & Expectations

To get started creating your custom designed workshop, Contact

"I do not teach acting. I teach One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA) Performance Technique,
a formalization and exploration of the intuitive mind-body connection,
a method and theory of performance, a tool for directing and collaboration, and a creative practice." 

- Gia Forakis, OTOA Founder & Master Teacher

To Learn More About the OTOA Technique Click Here to Watch the OTOA Video 

Custom workshops are currently held at your location, office, etc. Smaller groups in need of a space may be accommodated at our Brooklyn studio, or at rented locations at additional cost determined on on a case-by-case basis.

Cost varies based on the size of the workshop, time duration, and location (we are able to offer a lower rate if the workshop is at our Brooklyn studio). A minimum of 5 participants is strongly suggested. Payment is accepted by cash, check or Pay Pal.