How does One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA)™ Benefit Public Speakers?
OTOA functions from an intuitive premise that leads the speaker to liberate their motivations for a more detailed, engaged and dynamic presence; ultimately connecting with audiences in a more visceral way. 
Working with Gia Forakis &
OTOA Training Will:
  • Overcome Nervous Anxiety
  • Strengthen Your Ability to Think on Your Feet
  • Develop Skills for Public Address
  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Speak with Composure
  • Share Your Unique Personality with the Public
  • Strengthen your Articulation & Diction
  • Build Vocal Projection
  • Receive Individual Attention & Personal Evaluation
  • Prepare & Practice with Your New Material for an Upcoming Presentation
  • Receive Personalized Feedback on Your Presentation Material
  • Editing Assistance is available for Creating a Strong & Original Presentation


All Classes are designed for English Speakers, but can be applied to any language.


"This class is also very helpful in real life! ...Watching OTOA in others and observing it within myself as I'm going about my day can be such a feast! ...This workshop proved to me how important physical technique can be.”
~ Jane Forsyth, Student of Acting  

"OTOA is a rehearsal and performance technique for actors, directors, teachers and every human being that needs to get in greater touch with the 'silent' parts of themselves and be fearless to explore life to its fullest, moment to moment.”
~Tony Naumovski, NYC Actor  

“I've been doing yoga and meditation for a decade now and I find that OTOA is definitely a form of one of these modalities, a physically active one, but one that enhances awareness just the same. So thank you so very much!”
~ Juju Stulbach, Performer

Workshops & One-on-One Sessions