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OTOA Founder & Master Teacher:         OTOA Managing Director: 
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About The Founder
Gia Forakis

OTOA Teaching was founded in 2004 by New York City Stage Director & Theater Artist, Gia Forakis.

Gia Forakis is a theater artist, recognized as a professional freelance stage director, working locally, regionally and internationally, with well regarded credits as a playwright, performer, producer, educator, visual artist, and Creative Life Practice private coach. 

She is the Founder & Master Teacher of One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA)™, and the Artistic Director of Gia Forakis & Company (GF&CO) a company dedicated to the development and application of OTOA as a tool for experimentation and education through art, ritual, and performance and as a Creative Life Practice

She holds an MFA from Yale School of Drama in Directing, and a BFA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Conservatory Acting Program. Since receiving her Masters Degree in 2004, her primary focuses have been in the development and application of OTOA, and as a professional Theater Artist.

Gia is a member of SDC (Stage Directors and Choreographers Society). She has had the great good fortune to direct plays across the United states, and to lead OTOA workshops across the country and around the globe. 

Gia has been nominated for the prestigious Zelda Fichandler Award, and a New York Innovative Theater Award nomination for Outstanding Theater Direction. She has received a Mary Jean Parson's Award (for directing studies) and a Paulette Goddard Award (for acting). www.GiaForakis.com

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Gia Forakis' directing projects including original works and film.
"OTOA arose out of a personal and professional imperative as a theater artist, to facilitate more detailed, specific, and physically dynamic performances from the actors I was working with.

"It was this desire that forced me to consider more deeply what it was I found the most satisfying and compelling when watching a performance of any kind.

"It became clear that what engages me the most is the physical expression of the performer's (or the character's) thinking process -- that this form of physical expression is where I gain entrance into a production as a viewer. This is what pulls me in and what enables me to invest more fully in the production.

It is the visualization of thought into action that distinguishes the stage’s capacity for expression from that of radio or literature, thereby providing a more visceral event for the audience. 

 It was this observation that became the primary motivation in the development of OTOA, first as a Performance Technique & Training then later as a Creative Life Practice. 

I have been developing and practicing OTOA since 2003-2004, and teaching and coaching OTOA formally since 2006-2007. 

In that time OTOA's principles have continued to evolve as a performance theory, and as a technique and training for performers, directors, theater makers, collaborators, public speakers, teachers and others in the performing arts. 

However, in recent years my professional application of OTOA through the performing arts, led to a personal life practice of OTOA as a daily creative practice, and in 2015 I begin developing the OTOA Creative Life Practice curriculum.

OTOA is a wide-ranging tool that can strengthen craft as well as offer personal and collective growth and transformation.

The joy for me is that there is something both practical and creative in OTOA for just about everyone."   

 ~Gia Forakis
OTOA Founder, Master Teacher & Theater Artitst
Photo By: Bill Bernstein © 2011