One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA)™
Is a Performance Technique and Creative Life Practice
That benefits performers, directors, choreographers, public speakers,
 and creative thinkers in any field.

Developed by Founder & Master Teacher, Gia Forakis as a method for
identifying smaller increments of thought as smaller moments of physical action.
the OTOA technique is taught as both a
Performance Technique
& Training
for Performers, Directors & Public Speakers
Creative Life Practice
for anyone and everyone.


"OTOA arose out of a personal and professional imperative as a theater artist, to get more detailed, specific, and physically dynamic performances from the actors I was working with.

It was this desire that forced me to consider more deeply what it was I found the most satisfying and compelling when watching a theatrical event.

It became clear that what engages me the most is the physical expression of the actor’s (and director’s) thinking process. It is this physical expression that is my entrance into the production, and it is also what pulls me in, and enables me to invest more fully in the production.

It is the detailed visualization of thought into action that distinguishes the stage’s capacity for expression from that of radio or literature, thereby providing a more visceral event for the audience. And it was this observation that became the primary motivation in the development of OTOA."

~Gia Forakis
Gia Forakis, Photo: ©Lily Jandreska

OTOA was founded in 2007 by New York City theater artist and educator, Gia Forakis.

Although, originally created as a technique for performers and directors, OTOA's primary principles offer a broader application, going beyond theater craft to support creative endeavors across multiple artistic platforms, as well as a reliable system of support for the a creative life practice in any field or endeavor.

OTOA functions from an intuitive premise that leads the participant to liberate their motivations for a more detailed, physically engaged, dynamic and rooted sense of confidence in all their activities and areas of creativity.


OTOA is intentionally inclusive. Those whom can benefit from OTOA include, but are not limited to:
  • Performers & Directors
  • Creative Thinkers in Any Field
  • Public Speakers
  • Teachers, Managers, Administrators
  • Your Company, School, Institution, Project, Production, Community


OTOA is Based on the Inherent Relationship Between Thought & Action.

Photo: ©Lily Jandreska


OTOA liberates the participant through a very practical technique, that ultimately brings more detail, versatility and physical vitality to the stage. OTOA can be used in its pure form or incorporated to work in tandem with other performance-based methods or public speaking systems.

As a Performance Technique it helps to address three major acting and performance obstacles: generalization, lack of variety and physical detachment (e.g.: "What should I do with my hands?”).

OTOA is a Technique and not a style of performance, making it applicable to any performance medium and/or any performance style in the western cultural cannon. From Commedia del arté, to Farce, to Melodrama, to Epic Theatre, to Symbolism, to Naturalism, to Post Modernism and everything in-between. Click here to learn about OTOA as a Performance Technique

Offers a clear approach and tools for creating a more specific, physically engaging, moment-to-moment life on stage, enhancing the directors’ craft for dynamic and visually detailed modes of storytelling. Click here to learn about OTOA PERFORMANCE TECHNIQUE & TRAINING (PTT)™.


The Principles of OTOA are also extremely beneficial as a practical tool for personal, professional and collective growth and transformation.

Utilizing established OTOA principles (incremental thought, content-driven action, watching and listening, and the inherent value of time) OTOA Creative Life Practice Workshops identify and investigate a 6 Point System for Creative Influence & Transformation. Click here to learn about OTOA CREATIVE LIFE PRACTICE (CLP)™


Liberate your motivations for a more engaging and dynamic presence and delivery, ultimately, connecting with your audience with vitality and in a more visceral way. OTOA helps public speakers to: Overcome Nervous Anxiety, Increase Self-Confidence, Speak with Composure, and Learn to Think on Your Feet. Click here to learn more about Public Speaking.


OTOA offers tools for enriching any project, or untangling hidden obstacles, by identify smaller increments of thought as smaller moments of physical action. OTOA is a reliable technique for immediate and practical application for both the performance based environment or as a tool for personal and collective growth.


Design an OTOA Workshop to fit your needs, budget, and schedule. Workshops can be tailored for various disciplines and are excellent for a variety of groups. Click here to learn more about Custom Designed Workshops


Photo: ©Lily Jandreska

OTOA is the only technique of its kind
, offering participants a clear approach to a more specific dynamic and moment- to-moment life on, or off, the stage.

As a guiding principle for clarifying goals
, OTOA Creative Life Practice can bring balance and focus into our multitasking life styles. It is a rigorous mental discipline to help us quiet anxiety and recognize how often fear can over ride, and undermine, all our other more supportive motivations.

Things we consider of value are enriched by time and craftsmanship. Objects of lasting value are rarely mass-produced. OTOA is built upon the application of the age-old principle that a disciplined investment of time and fine craftsmanship will produce high quality results.
OTOA is the closest thing to the discipline of the ballet dancer or the musician that we can develop as a daily-life practice and as a tool for crafting any project. Instinct and inspiration need to be nurtured, as part of a life-practice. If we do not play an instrument or ballet dance, where and how do we maintain our practice if we are between jobs/projects?

A technique-driven approach to the creative process is different from the attention we give to administering our careers. This is an uncommon, holistic, way to view our creative lives.

OTOA workshops are lab-like environments where the technique is taught through a series of experiments framed by a given set of parameters. In this way we pursue the question and not the answer, a process-based approach to learning.

As a Creative Life Practice, OTOA asks: what is the difference between your role as a performer, a director, a writer, a designer a producer, or in any given field of expertise and your role as an artist? Is creating content as important as creating product?

OTOA encourages participants to slow down, identify and enrich each moment of their project, whatever it may be, incrementally, offering a rewarding engagement with content that translates into a more valuable and visceral experience of the product.  We think of this in much the same way as when a master pianist sits down to learn a new piece of music, long before it is ever performed, the musician is dedicated to identifying each note, each cord, each hand movement, and analyzing each gesture individually, in an effort to construct a full and rich product.
The OTOA technique, of identifying the incremental components of time, thought, action and space, offer a highly detailed, content rich, vivid and vitally stimulating product, more enriched life practice and emotionally gripping performances in any arena.


Would you like to get a clearer picture of how this revolutionary technique works, and discover how it can benefit you as an actor, director, dancer, choreographer, photographer, film maker, singer, performer and/or public speaker in any style or genre of production?

Founder & Master Teacher, Gia Forakis offers OTOA Workshops, Residencies, Seminars, Master Classes and One-on-One Coaching. For the next OTOA event please check the Schedule Page for upcoming OTOA Workshops and Free Introduction Seminars (or INTROTOA's).

Or consider booking a workshop for your company, institution, classroom, community, ensemble, business, or gathering or project by visiting the Custom Designed Workshop page.


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