“I have taken part in this workshop, and find Gia's teaching
and OTOA's philosophy refreshingly practical and rooted towards
achieving a visceral authenticity… [the] workshop solidified my desire
to continue this journey with her. Gia spoke to everything I believe. I am
going to continue to encourage all of my students investigate this work."
- Vicki Shaghoian, Assistant Professor of Acting, Yale School of Drama
"[Gia's] guidelines for OTOA are just the right guidelines for 
teaching -- no right, no wrong; be generous; watch and listen. ...Not 
asking us to reject our preferred styles of acting is a great gift (and 
a wise choice). Instead, [Gia] is asking us to expand our understanding 
of the relationship between thought and physical action in acting. For 
anyone who has the sense to pay attention, this can only help the actor 
to grow and get better." - John Byrne Cooke, Actor, Musician, Author

"I'd love to start up those privates [OTOA sessions] with you again
one day when I am moved back to NY!  OTOA was and continues to be
so helpful and interesting, both in terms of acting and everyday life."

- Jane Roche, Actress

"I am enlightened after attending a One-Thought-One-Action
workshop. It was one of the best things to happen to me
in a long time. Gia Forakis, you are a blessing!"

– Vanessa Miriam Rodriguez, Actor

“What an amazing weekend, amazing people, amazing experience.
Thank you Gia, you have given me a framework in which to center myself.
I am/grateful/beyond/.../.../...words! :-)"

– Darya Gerasimenko, Director

“I was startled to find deeper & clearer understanding
of the character and his motivation by methodically identifying
the separate thoughts in the text... My past experience has often
been one of helpless, hopeless prayer to access the character
through some vague emotional/ psychological process.”

- Kerry Milliron, Actor

"The OTOA Two Day Intensive “was everything I thought it would be,
and much, much, more. The workshop was extremely intricate and thorough.
I was able to work with a new monologue and grasp an understanding
of the thoughts behind each beat of the text."

- Courtney Cook, Actor

“It is magical when the shape leads into the next thought.”
- Jordan Schachter, Writer/Director

“OTOA is a rehearsal and performance technique for
actors, directors, teachers and every human being that needs
to get in greater touch with the 'silent' parts of themselves and
be fearless to explore life to its fullest, moment to moment.”

- Tony Naumovski, Actor

"This class is also very helpful in real life! ...Watching OTOA in others and
observing it within myself as I'm going about my day can be such a feast!
This workshop proved to me how important physical technique can be.”

- Jane Forsyth, Actress

"The tableau exercises were key for me ...
[they] made me realize that shape informs thought."

- Elyssa Beth Baldassari, Actress, Singer-Songwriter

“One of the most useful things I came away with from this workshop
was “how much physical variety is actually possible in even a short monologue.”

- James Chen, Actor

“OTOA forces the actor to “think” from the body.”  – Katrina Foy, Actor

"OTOA is such a tangible simple technique that it frees the actor to experience
more than they could have dreamed of.  It is a daring refreshing challenge for the actor
to be in the present. It is, in fact, an actor’s life jacket.”

- Paige Schnell, Actor/Author

"I have a feeling that what I'm experiencing [with OTOA] is the tip of the iceberg and
I'm curious and excited to reach into deeper waters. Another aspect of this process
that is very attractive to me is how, by being so specific and focused on one thought
you are brought back to the present moment. You can't be dwelling on 5 different
thoughts while you are so fully committed to just one."

- Juju Stulbach, Actor